Escola Internacional de Joinville is a bilingual school with Brazilian identity, internationally accredited. Teaching is carried out in English and Portuguese, besides Spanish starting in grade 8.

From Elementary through High School, the program is carefully designed for academic excellence with emphasis on human values for life in our world. We believe in a student-centered teaching-learning process, in which they are engaged to become a capable and ethical citizen.

The socio-constructivist and International-Baccalaureate-certified curriculum was designed, carefully, to form students that are capable to communicate and exercise citizenship.

A escola

As an IB school, the environment inside and outside the classroom is organized so as to promote the development of the IB learner profile attributes which are: open-minded, principled, risk-taker, knowledgeable, caring, thinker, reflective, inquirer, communicator and balanced.


The project of such a school was conceived after a demand from the Santa Catarina State Government, which, in 2006, assigned the SOCIESC board with the incumbency of developing an international school to supply educational services for the employees of international companies.


The school has been of great importance for the community of Joinville because it allows for high-standard education, based on ethical and moral principles so that students may develop competences and abilities that will be important for their role in the present world.


Visual Arts, Science and Music are areas highly valued by the school. With an expressive amount of hours dedicated to those activities in the curriculum, the work with art allows students to develop an elevated capacity of interpretation and widens perception, a critical issue for any activity. The teaching of arts encompasses, in an integrated manner, the cognitive and affective developments. When one interprets or produces art, emotion joins creativity. Artistic manifestations complement the other forms of expression.



At Escola Internacional de Joinville, special emphasis is placed on science. Annually, the school organizes a Science Fair following international standards and allows students to submit their works to the main science fairs in the world such as FEBRACE, MOSTRATEC and Intel ISEF. In 2016, one student from the school was selected, during Mostratec Jr., to be the representative of Brazil at Intel ISEF 2017 in Los Angeles.


Sports are approached in several manners. The curricular work has as its objective, the incentive to healthy habits. Parallel to that, for students with a more sportive profile, the school encourages and collaborates with their participation in extra-mural sports competitions. The intramural School Olympics also have the purpose of allowing students to overcome their own limitations and of a school-wide integration of students.




Certifications and achievements

The school is accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and, also is a center for the application of the College Board exams (SAP, SSAT, PSAT and ACT).

The 2016 High School senior class of Escola Internacional de Joinville achieved the 1st place in the ENEM ranking in city of Joinville.