IB Learner Profile

We are curious. We know how to conduct research and experiments in a clear and constructive way. We really like to learn, now and forever.

We explore concepts, ideas and important local and international issues. That way, we acquire deep knowledge and develop our understanding of a variety of subjects.

We use our intellectual abilities autonomously and in a critical and creative way to recognize and approach complex problems and to take rational and ethic decisions.

We understand and express ourselves with confidence and creativity in several languages, styles and media. We are always ready to work in teams using communication for the construction of relationships and knowledge.

We are honorable and principled. We have a deep feeling of equality, justice and respect for people, groups and communities. We take responsibility for our acts and its consequences.

We understand and appreciate our own cultures and are open to other values and traditions. We are used to look for and consider different points of view and to learn from those experiences.

We face unknown situations with courage and determination and have the liberty to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. We defend our beliefs with eloquence and value.

We understand the importance of the equilibrium of the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of our lives to reach personal and other people’s well being.

We show empathy, sensibility and respect for the needs and feelings of others’. We are committed to helping the others and act with the intention of positively influencing people’s lives and their environment.

We evaluate our experiences and learning. We recognize and understand our qualities and limitations, so that we can contribute to our own learning and personal development.